We work to eliminate the influence of commercial interests on our criminal legal system and end the exploitation of those it touches.

The Problem

We have built an industry and economy dependent on human caging and control that capitalizes on crime and prevents justice


The Solution

We work to expose the harms caused by the commercialization of justice and equip change agents with the tools to challenge its exploitation of vulnerable communities  



Data & Analysis

Using our financial expertise and business acumen, we conduct research, collect data, and perform innovative analyses aimed at unmasking the harms caused by the prison industrial complex


public education

Understanding the mobilizing power of knowledge, we transform our analyses into accessible and compelling content designed to increase awareness and shift discourse around the commercialization of justice 


action tools

We equip consumers, investors, public agents, elected officials, celebrities, litigators, advocates, and the public with the tools needed to challenge those who profit from our nation's carceral crisis

Call for Artists

In Fall/Winter 2018, the Corrections Accountability Project and the Urban Justice Center will host an exhibition featuring the works of incarcerated artists. The exhibition will center on the harmful impact that commercializing our criminal legal system, and more specifically, our prisons and jails, has had on incarcerated individuals and their communities. 

We invite incarcerated artists to submit visual works of all types for consideration. We will also accept some short poetry for hanging. All submitted pieces should respond to the theme: Capitalizing on “Justice”.