We work to eliminate the influence of commercial interests on our criminal legal system and end the exploitation of those it touches.


The Problem

We have built an industry and economy dependent on human caging and control that capitalizes on crime and prevents justice


The Solution

The Corrections Accountability Project works to expose and reduce the harms caused by the commercialization of our criminal legal system and return resources to affected communities through:  



We develop tools that range from course-changing narratives to actionable financial analyses for public education, political engagement, and corporate activism

responsible contracting

We set performance expectations for prison services and use contract litigation to enforce them, pushing out exploitative actors while improving conditions of confinement


impact litigation

We pursue complex litigation, focusing on commercial claims against private players, to end abusive practices and return resources to the exploited

While there is an egregious number of financially exploitative practices to tackle, our current efforts focus on the private outsourcing of ancillary prison services, which has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry over the past few decades with little oversight. As we expand our work to cover other financially exploitative practices in bail, probation, incarceration, and parole, we also expect to revisit, adjust, and expand our suite of strategies.

Decommercializing Justice